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Micron ULVA+ synonymous with CDA

The ULVA+ is a spinning disc sprayer designed for Low Volume (LV) and Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) application of insecticdes and fungicides. Designed especially for the smallholder, the ULVA+ is used worldwide on row crops, e.g. cottonm cowpea, groundnuts, tobacco, vegetables, etc., and for the control of migrant pests, e.g. locusts, grasshoppers and armyworms.

ULV (oil)
LV (water)
Power Supply
9-12 DC
(R20 batteries)
6-7.5V DC
(4-5 D-cell
(R20 batteries)
Disc speed
7,500 – 10,00 rpm
4,000 – 6,000 rpm
Flow rate range
25-100 ml/min
Droplet size (vmd)
50-100 um
Spray pass interval
22-10 m
up to 3 m
Light to carry and easy to use
Versatile – can apply both oil and water-based spray.
High work rate and economical
Robust and simple to maintain
Battery powered with no pumping required