We feel as a company that the safe use of our equipment and the correct application of Pesticides should be promoted at every opportunity. Pesticide can enter the body through the skin, by inhalation or by  wallowing, if proper care is not taken. Depending on the product this may have short term effects on the operator or may be more serious. By not smoking or eating during the spraying operations, following the protective clothing recommendations and always thoroughly washing all exposed skin after spraying the risk of any contamination will be minimised. The first step in the safe application of Pesticides is to identify the Classification of the product. This will help you to determine with the aid of which level of protection is best for a particular task with any given Pesticide.

Always ensure that the protective
clothing is in good condition, and clean
before use. Replace any damaged or
worn items, by examining for any leaks.
Always clean properly, by washing
inside and out with soap and water after
each operation.

In a humid climate a washable 2 piece
cotton fabric overall that will ‘breathe’ is
recommended, with long sleeves and
trousers for maximum protection.

A non-fog breathable goggle is
recommended for spray operator.

When measuring, mixing and pouring
the concentrate an apron that covers the
body from chest to the boots is
recommended that is both solvent proof
and waterproof. The apron should be
used during any activity involving Class I

A more breathable spun bound apron
for spray operator is recommended.

Gloves must always be worn when
handling any concentrate to prevent
contamination of the skin. Unlined
flexible rubber gloves made of Nitrile
give the best resistance to solvents.

Unlined rubber boots are essential for
all spraying activities. When mixing and
pouring the concentrate the apron must
overlap the top of the boots.

When measuring, mixing or pouring
any concentrate, or whenever you are
working with Class I or II pesticides, a
Faceshield must be worn that covers
and protects the eyes from splashes and
sprayed droplets.

This must be worn when working with
Class I Pesticides or if operating in a
confined space without adequate
ventilation. Respirator with carbon layer
or with cartridge is recommended for
spray operator.