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Cifarelli hand-held system

Hand-held Blower

Cifarelli BL 1200 jet allows you to remove eaves, grass, or other material from large areas, working efficiently even with large amounts of leaves and when the ground is wet.

Fuel tank capacity 2.3 L
Telescopic tube Ø 70 mm
Airspeed 106 m/sec
Air volume 2 m³/min
Weight 10.13kg without the blower kit
Packaging Carton box 64x46x6cm

Hand-held Mist Sprayer

The top of the range of Cifarelli mist sprayers – a professional machine used in agriculture, gardening, and urban hygiene for treatments with broad-coverage plant protection products.

Liquid tank capacity 17L / 27L – PG
Fuel tank capacity 2.3 L
Maximum vertical range 16 meters
Maximum horizontal range 18 meters
Weight 12.2kg with pipes
Packaging Carton box 78x46x38cm


Portable Loose Fruit Collector

The V1200 is a vacuum to collect quickly and effectively chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and acorns. his machine separates the product from the leaves or other debris sucked in which are expelled through the air exit

Usable harvesting tank 20 L
Diameter suction hose 75 mm
Fuel tank capacity 2 L
Weight 16.5kg with pipes
Packaging Carton box cm 53x46x87

Hand-held Mistblower

Cifarelli L3E allows for low-volume treatments. The uniform size of the dispensed drops, combined with the action of the air that moves the leaves, ensures effective and uniform protection on both sides of the treated surface. Using the mist blower significantly reduces the use of water and chemicals.

DIatemeter of spreader 50mm
Diameter of pipe 65mm
Liquid tank capacity 17L
Liquid exit 0-4 L/min
Maximum horizontal range 17 meters
Maximum vertical range 15 meters
Siz of droplets dispensed 90 microns – 130 microns
Air speed 125 m/sec
Air volume 20m³/min
Packaging Carton box cm 50x74x37