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Anabranch Liquid Handling Unit

Anabranch ®
Your NO TOUCH Solution to Chemical Handling

The new Anabranch Liquid Handling System ®
is an important breakthrough that overcomes the difficulties associated with small volume transfer. The technology was developed as a hand tool for the manual transfer and measurement of liquids from a container to the point of use. Its convenient size and ease of use significantly reduces the possibility of exposure of the operator to the liquid and contamination of the environment during pouring, measuring and transfer.

Benefits of the System

Addresses many Occupational Health and Safety risks.
Reduces risks of environmental contamination.
The measured chemical remains contained throughout the
entire operation.
Vapor from pumping operation returned to container.
High accuracy from 1oz to 1gl or 30ml to 4 Litres.

Tank Fitting eliminates splashes when emptying.
Simple Coupling System allows any number of containers to be serviced with one pump.
No priming or calibration required.
No complicated coupling systems.
No frustrating hoses.
No spillage.