Fast effective weed control

Incorporating a shielded design and innovative CDA technology. Herbidome 350 has been developed for use in a wide range of weed control situations. Thanks to Micron pioneering CDA technology. Herbidome 350 delivers excellent performance and operation efficiencies. The rotary CDA atomiser is fitted under Herbidome 350s freely rotating flexible shroud. Combines, these  features offer a smooth and targeted weed control operation, as well as significant labour cost savings and reduction in application volumes.

Herbidome 350 is supplied with a comfortable carrying strap.

  • Efficient weed control offering significant labour savings.
  • Up to three times as fast as a knapsack sprayer
  • Fully shielded to minimise spray drift
  • Suitable for use in windy weather conditions
  • Increased work rate due to low volume application
  • Lightweight and easy to use