The hand held has been specially developed for the selective application of systemic herbicides and is particularly suitable for those herbicides containing glyphosate e.g. Roundup.
The has significant advantages over conventional methods of application such as knapsack sprayers for spot applications or treating sensitive areas. The concentrated herbicide within the is applied only to those plants that the rope wick comes into contact with. By moving the over the leaves of a weed, a small dose of herbicide is transferred to the target weed only, with surrounding plants uncontaminated. The is therefore ideal for treatment of weeds in row crops, vegetable gardens, nursery, immature oil palm, forestry, banana plantations or any other place where conventional treatment would be too
dangerous or difficult. The gives excellent results when used on individual weeds or clumps of weeds. The first effects will generally be seen 1 to 2 weeks after treatment when using systemic based herbicides.